Bio - Todd Morgan

To quote a musician greater than I, “There are only two kinds of music, good and bad, and if it’s good, you don’t worry about what it is, you just go on and enjoy it.” That’s the kind of music I strive to make, the good kind.

--Todd Morgan

As a performer, artist and musician, Todd Morgan wears many hats.  He is an accomplished singer, pianist, guitarist, drummer, songwriter, bandleader, engineer and producer.  To top it all off, he also has the ability to be a true showman at any appropriate opportunity.  With a healthy mix of modern pop/rock, soul, blues, funk, disco, hot jazz, country and Todd's first love, early rock ‘n' roll, to even baroque pop on certain tracks of his latest album, there is truly something in his music to please and excite any audience.

Todd Morgan has been both fronting his band, The Emblems, and performing solo for more than 10 years in the Sacramento area and throughout California and Nevada.  He has also toured throughout the southern U.S. as a solo artist and traveled into Canada and the northwest.   Todd has been nominated for a SAMMIE award twice in the "Best Pop Band" category, as well as "Best Rockabilly".  In 2015 Todd's album, Sweet Pretender, was rated one of Submerge Magazine's "Top 15 Albums of the Year". The song, "Running Wild", from the album, also won West Coast Songwriters' "Best Song of the Year"".

Though Todd's first love is music and performing it on stage, he is quite diverse and enjoys being a part of the industry in a variety of areas.  He served two years on the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Board of Directors and has been a guest for many music industry educational panels such as California Lawyers for the Arts and Creative Music Services' Sac Valley Music Industry.  One of Todd's prominent other passion is recording, with plans to open an all analog recording studio in the future. He's produced, co-produced and/or performed on many local and a few non-local artists' recordings. 

"Comfortable in his own skin and musical sound, he happily employs his fine tenor voice – aided by an impeccable ear and killer instrumentals – to capture the essence of the artists in that early, highly – innovative era of nascent, eclectic, rock n' roll.  He simply "gets it", as though a musical empath who, in taking some mystical path back through the creative past of popular music, has picked up (or more properly, absorbed) the entirety – including the very nuance – of each artists signature styles, until, upon return, -he is magically able to create his own unique sound."  - Will Ruha