Crazy Cryin' Blues Music Video

crazycryinblues tmWe are very excited and happy to share our new video short with you, "Crazy Cryin' Blues"! Based on the Memphis Minnie recording from 1930 and is #7 on our "Reality" album. Todd Morgan was stirred by the historic aspects of the song and just had to follow up with this prohibition style short film. As luck would have it, not far away sitting along the Sacramento River rests the historic Ryde Hotel. Built in 1927, it served as an actual speak easy in its early years, and it's still quite a gem today. Rumors speak of its hauntings and stories tell that this is the hotel about which the Eagles hit, "Hotel California", was penned. The fact it was quite the Rock n' Roll hang out in the 60-70's, I'm inclined to believe that tale. We hope you will enjoy it!

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Our music video for "Crazy Cryin' Blues" is now available for viewing on our Videos page.

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Video: Crazy Cryin' Blues Music Video
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